Produzione fari led in Veneto


LEDè si occupa di progettazione, produzione e distribuzione di apparecchi d'illuminazione a LED in Veneto e in tutta Italia.

Thanks to a store of knowledge gained in this branch by our experts, LEDè products represent a synthesis of the Made in Italy for quality in materials, reliability in the engineering and elegance in form and design.
Born with the aim to research, design and create ad hoc products for the customer, LEDè has also invested on the development of new product lines for stores, offices, home, answering to the need to have at the same time lighting, innovation and spare energy.

Personalization and custom design are the key factor of LEDè. The perfect knowledge of materials and our multidisciplinary team of technicians and engineers, allow us to create professional solutions to enlighten factories, shops, furniture, elevators, cinemas and any other item or room. In addition, the dynamic and young structure of LEDè consents installers, architects and designers to have immediate contact with the product managers, who are pleased to offer dedicated support and constant confront about the design of the product.


Knowing the client allows us to understand his needs, our experience consent to ideate the perfect custom solution. The product we offer is valuable, created with carefully selected materials and manufactured by experts. 


Our purpose is to reach the maximum energy efficiency and lighting efficacy with our luminaires to enlighten industrial environments. The competence in designing innovative solutions is reflected on the quality of our luminaires.

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