The strongest replica watches of the carbon fiber series

Replica Richard Mill, a pioneer in the watch industry, believes that everyone knows that in addition to the specific conditions such as limited editions, the unique shape of the barrel and the five-grade titanium alloy spline screws on the fake watches are unique to the brand. Designed, and the barrel case is often made up of the brand's newly developed high-tech composite materials or diamonds/precious metals. It can be easily identified from the technical watchmaking and the watch style. Fusion watch brand, replica Richard Miller RM35-02 series

New product latest replica Richard Miller model RM35-02 carbon fiber case and bottom cover with high-density imported NTPT@ carbon fiber material after several generations of washing, the latest Rafael Nadal RM35-02 brings this special edition series, the first A self-winding movement (RMAL1) watch. The biggest challenge of the movement comes from how to reduce the huge impact force caused by the automatic rotation of the gyro. The brand can change the position of the oscillating weight in the six symmetrical positions replica horloges, so as to effectively reduce the impact force.

1: Simultaneous CNC machining on the bottom of the carbon fiber case and the sides of the titanium liner! Make the shell up and down and the left and right sides have no gap. After testing the pressure of 4Pa, the test reaches 100% and passes the waterproof test.

2: The strap is made of pure rubber material imported from Malaysia, which gives it a super-toughness and soft feeling. The strongest RM rubber belt on the market can be interchanged with genuine products.

3: According to the original principle orologi replica, the titanium metal material is used as the cutting edge and the cutting edge of the spark cutting technology! The movement uses imported seiko automatic movement